Focused on Generational Wealth

As an independent investment firm, MainLine West offers powerful levels of insight and access to municipal securities and investment strategies. An unbiased look at municipal markets offers investors solutions that are guided by clear, concise, client-focused thinking. Our investment decisions are based on interpreting market fundamentals and trends with a perspective tailored to each client’s individual portfolio needs.

MainLine West utilizes a unique structure to provide real value to clients. Using an in-house brokerage to buy and sell bonds for clients eliminates costly brokerage fees and delivers direct access to thousands of primary offerings each year. These savings are reflected in the competitive fee structure and the access is reflected in performance. We believe that creating value is a product of both the fee structure and consistent performance. With a financial advisor focused on value, wealth can grow and be preserved for generations.

Our team fosters close relationships with over 25 regional and national municipal bond underwriters, bringing institutional level opportunities to our clients. In addition, our position as an independent shop allows for a real commitment to full disclosure and transparency in all client communications.

By focusing on generational wealth, MainLine West powers a more thoughtful approach to municipal investing.

Focused on Municipals

$750 million
municipal assets under management

100+ years
municipal management experience